A social brand for sustainable textiles

Zunir is a social enterprise that works with artisans in remote areas in India. With them we design beautiful textiles following an ancient Indian tradition: hand block printing. For printing we use 100% cotton from a Fair Trade mill. The dyes are made of herbal ingredients to prevent damage to the environment, but also you.

strive for equal and long-term trading relations

We strive to create better opportunities for marginalised workers in India by supporting an educational program where, with a focus on girls and women, people can get an education for free. They learn practical skills to become independent.

made by hand: unique

All our products are handmade and therefore unique; every item is slightly different! Fall in love with our products, and protect them for a long life cycle. Our products are time-consuming to manufacture and therefore we produce in low quantities.

Zunir stands for fair business; every person involved in the proces is treated with respect and benefits. With every decision, we carefully consider the impact it has on the environment.

About the owner

“I care about independence, honesty, and freedom. This is why I also feel the need to learn every aspect of setting up a business abroad myself.  So far I love the responsibility for the complete supply chain from India to the Netherlands. 

Being a travel and textile junky and always dreaming of setting up my own textile company, I fell in love with the ancient tradition of hand block printing. This was during a half year trip in India driving on a motorbike from South to North. I decided this was my chance and stayed and found a beautiful community in Rajasthan.”

“I find cultural differences fascinating. India has a rich, and ancient culture that is hard to grasp for people from elsewhere, and the gap between rich and poor does not help. I can emphasize with people, but my policy is not to pity. In my opinion when you pity someone, you lose respect, and having respect for one another is extremely important to me.”